Summertime Foot Care for Patients with Diabetes

When you are creating your summer fun plans, this year or any year, keep the following tips in mind. Bring Foot Protection – Even at the Beach! You may want nothing more than to bury your feet into some soft, warm sand, but there are plenty of hidden dangers that can...

Why You Need Those Custom Orthotics All Year Long

Why Orthotics Are Needed All Year LongOrthotics are one of the most versatile and effective treatment options we have in our office. Orthotics treat different foot problems. If your feet are out of alignment, the appropriate pair of custom orthotics can often be an...

Warmer Weather Means No More Hiding Your Fungal Nails!

Spring is here, and summer is around the corner. In other words, before you know it, temperatures are going to start pushing above 90 (and even 100) more and more regularly. And if you’ve been trying to hide a blossoming fungal nail infection from friends, family, and...

What Causes Heel Pain? And What Can I Do About It?

For a person who is suffering, heel pain doesn’t seem all that complicated. You’re in pain. You’re having a hard time getting through your workday, or enjoying your favorite activities. You just need to figure out how to make it go away! However, in reality, heel pain...

The Ins and Outs of Ingrown Toenails

Chances are you’ve experienced a paper cut or jammed your toe on a coffee table before. And because you have, you know how annoying and painful this can be. Having an ingrown toenail isn’t much different. In fact, ingrown toenails can be put in the same category of...

Diabetes and Fall Risk

In a previous blog, we talked a little bit about how accidental falls are one of the most common, dangerous, and expensive health risks facing American seniors. The numbers, as we mentioned then, are dire—falls are responsible for more than 3 million ER visits,...

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