Prevent the Spread of Toenail Fungus (and How Not to Get It in the First Place!)

There are two types of people in the world: those who have fungal toenails, and those who don’t. 

Keep Your Feet Covered in Certain Public Areas

Fungus requires three things to thrive: warmth, moisture, and darkness. If you’re looking for a place where fungus may have been picked up, you just have to ponder all those elements.

Locker rooms, gyms, and public pools are prime locations for contracting fungal toenails and athlete’s foot. Because of this, having some foot protection at these places is a must.

Shower shoes are a great barrier between your feet and the outside world, and a great measure of protection for showers, locker rooms, and around pools.

If you already have a fungal infection, it’s best to keep covered as much as possible. Aqua socks are a great foot covering for swimming. They’re very lightweight and flexible, while still covering the whole foot.


Keep Your Feet Dry

Protecting your feet in public areas helps a lot, but there is an even more important area that can be warm, damp, and low in light: the inside of your shoes!

By working to keep your feet dry, you can help cut off one of the elements fungi need to thrive inside your shoes. How to go about this?

  • Dry your feet completely after a swim or shower before putting on your socks and shoes. Don’t forget between your toes!
  • Give your shoes at least 24 hours of time to dry before you put them back on again. This ideally means switching between shoes each day, but shoe dryers can also help.
  • If your feet sweat a lot, bring a dry pair of socks with you to switch into midway through your day. (It might also be helpful to have your sweating problem looked at by us if it’s excessive.)

Powders to put in your socks and shoes might also be helpful, but make sure to not use them too liberally. Too much powder can lead to your feet sliding in your shoes, which can cause calluses or blisters.

Take Care in Trimming Your Toenails 

Trimming your toenails well will help keep them clean, but there’s even more to it than that.

If you currently have toenail fungus, your clippers should never be used by anyone else. That’s an easy way to help spread the fungus. You shouldn’t even use your toenail clippers on your fingernails. “Toenail” fungus can certainly infect your fingernails as well.

Also, take a few minutes to clean your clippers regularly. Dip a scrubbing brush into a 70-90 percent solution of isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) for a few minutes to sanitize it, then use it and a small amount of anti-bacterial soap to scrub the clippers. Rinse thoroughly with hot water, then dry thoroughly to help prevent rusting.


Safeguard Against Injuries

If you suffer trauma in and around your nails, it can also cause fungus on the nails.

Trauma includes dropping something on your toenails, yes, but it also includes ingrown toenails, hangnails, black toenails, and anything else that leaves some damage in the area. Help prevent traumas by wearing protective footwear when needed and properly trimming your nails.

Get Treatment!

The sooner you treat a case of fungal toenails, the faster and more effective that treatment tends to be. That means less potential time for exposure to anyone else as well.


We have several methods for treating fungal toenails, and will make our best recommendations for you based on your individual situation and needs.


One possibility as part of your fungal nail treatment is the use of the KeryFlex Nail Restoration System. This is a way to craft realistic, breathable, synthetic nails over your fungal nails. This conceals your damaged nails while they are being treated, and can also serve as some means of protection against exposing others (although we’d still recommend wearing shower shoes and taking other preventative measures, just to be on the safe side).


Don’t let toenail fungus ruin your plans or keep your loved ones on alert around your feet. Trinity Foot Center can help you reclaim clearer, healthier nails.


Schedule an appointment at our office by calling (972) 293-9650. If you prefer to contact us electronically, you may do so anytime via our online contact form and a member of our staff will respond during our standard business hours.

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