Warmer Weather Means No More Hiding Your Fungal Nails!

Spring is here, and summer is around the corner. In other words, before you know it, temperatures are going to start pushing above 90 (and even 100) more and more regularly.

And if you’ve been trying to hide a blossoming fungal nail infection from friends, family, and strangers, that’s very bad news indeed.

Now, you’re probably facing a difficult choice:

  • You can bust out your sandals and just hope no one notices—and try not to let it bother you if somebody gives you a nasty look or makes an unkind comment.
  • You can keep those toenails hidden in closed-toed shoes all summer long. Unfortunately, that might also attract unwanted attention anyway—and sweaty shoes are likely to make the problem worse.
  • You could compromise with, say, Crocs or mesh uppers, but that’s not entirely satisfying either.

And of course, in any circumstance you can forget about getting your nails painted and showing them off at the pool or out shopping.

But hold on a minute.

What if we told you we had a solution for you?

A solution that would let you walk out of our office today with clear nails, while we continue to work behind the scenes to cure the fungi?

It’s true.

Warmer weather means no more hiding your nails—and with treatments from Trinity Foot Center, you won’t have to. You’ll have beautiful, healthy looking nails that you can show off—and even paint—without embarrassment this summer.

The secret is KeryFlex, combined with more traditional treatments to attack the fungus behind the scenes.

A Two-Pronged Approach—Aesthetic and Medical

Before KeryFlex, any treatment for fungal nails required a whole lot of patience. There are two big reasons for this:

  • Fungal toenail infections are very difficult to eradicate. The nail itself provides good protection against topical medications, while relatively poor circulation to the toes means oral medications work slowly and may require 6-12 weeks of taking pills.
  • The damage to the toenail doesn’t just go away once the fungi are dead. You’ll have to wait months—or maybe more than a year—for healthy nail to gradually replace the damaged portion.

So, if you didn’t start getting serious about clearing up your unsightly toenails until the mercury started pushing 90, we had bad news for you—it’d probably be winter again by the time your toenails were fully clear.

Those who didn’t want to wait for those kinds of results might have be tempted to slap an artificial nail overtop the damaged fungal nail. But that only traps moisture under the nail and makes the underlying infection worse, and much more difficult to treat.

But now, with KeryFlex, we can finally attack the medical problem AND the aesthetic problem at the same time, giving you instant visual results without impairing medical treatments that eradicate the fungus and stop it from continuing to damage your nail.

Clear Nails Right Away: KeryFlex

So what is KeryFlex?

If you want the full story, please feel free to check out this blog we wrote last year, which is packed with detailed information.

But here’s the short version:

KeryFlex is an advanced nail restoration process that allows us to remodel the damaged surface of your nail, then bond an “artificial” clear nail overtop made from a flexible, breathable, medical-grade resin.

Unlike traditional artificial nails made from acrylic or other materials, a KeryFlex nail won’t trap moisture underneath. It looks and feels real, and can be filed and painted like any other nail.

The full procedure, which requires several rounds of remodeling, application, curing, and sealing only takes about 30 minutes from start to finish, and the results last 6-8 weeks on average before you need another application.

In short, it’s the reason you don’t have to keep hiding your toes this summer. You can walk out with great-looking toenails today.

Clear Nails for the Long Term: Medical Treatments

As we said, KeryFlex is purely an aesthetic treatment. It has no effect on the fungi growing underneath the nail.

In other words, that means that without medical treatments your body will keep growing diseased and damaged nail tissue, and you’d have to keep getting KeryFlex treatments every few months indefinitely to maintain healthy looking nails.

The most common and effective medical treatment for fungal nails is oral antifungal medications. As we said above, a typical treatment course lasts about 6 to 12 weeks, taking a pill every day.

Most people handle these treatments very well, although some people can develop side effects including rashes, digestive issues, and even liver damage. We’ll help you determine if oral antifungals are safe for you, and maybe bring you back for a few follow-up appointments just to be on the safe side.

Once the fungal infection has been completely eradicated, you’ll start growing out healthy nail, rather than nail that becomes damaged almost immediately. Eventually, your need for KeryFlex treatments will end, and you’ll have your own beautiful nail back.

That said, you’ll have to keep in mind that an infection can always return. Once the infection has been cleared, keep it from coming back by:

  • Washing your feet every day
  • Rotating shoes every day, and applying antifungal powders or sprays at night so that they remain “hostile territory” for fungi.
  • Always protecting your feet in public places—such as wearing sandals or shower shoes when you’re at the gym or the pool.

Stop Hiding Your Nails!

Don’t let your toenails keep embarrassing you all the way through another Texas summer. Get the long-term and short-term results you need and deserve at Trinity Foot Center.

To schedule an appointment, give us a call today at (972) 293-9650. Or simply fill out our handy request form online to have one of our trained staff members reach out to you.

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