Diabetes and Fall Risk

In a previous blog, we talked a little bit about how accidental falls are one of the most common, dangerous, and expensive health risks facing American seniors. The numbers, as we mentioned then, are dire—falls are responsible for more than 3 million ER visits,...

What High Heels Can Do to Your Feet

Most women have at least one or two pairs of high heels in their closet—at least for special occasions. But while these shoes may be fashionable, they also come with substantial risks, especially for those who wear them often. In addition to routine pain and strain,...

Caring for Diabetic Feet and Wounds

Did you know that November was National Diabetes Month? If you have diabetes, you should already know that remembering to care for your feet can’t be something that only happens one month of the year. It must be a daily concern, because uncontrolled diabetes is...

Festive Fun and Frights in Dallas!

It’s that time of fall when things get a little spooky. And whether you prefer things mild and family-friendly or much more mature and unsettling, we hope you have a wonderful Halloween in Dallas! We have a variety of suggestions for you if you’re looking for plans....

Foot Care to Prevent Falls

Accidental falls are one of the most damaging medical problems facing older adults today. The numbers are truly staggering. By frequency: Approximately one third of all seniors (65+) will fall at least once this year. More than half of all seniors 80 and older will...

Feet Are Your Foundation

Few things are more important to the long-term durability of your home than its foundation. But if your foundation is defective, cracked, or lopsided, it doesn’t matter how nice the rest of your house looks. Pretty soon, your walls will be cracking, your doors and...

Get Rid of Those Fungal Nails

Although fungal toenails aren’t the most dangerous infection from a medical perspective, they can be extremely embarrassing for those who have them. While your friends are getting their nails painted and throwing on their sandals, you might be hiding your discolored,...

Heel Pain Relief for Working People

Here in the Metroplex, we’re accustomed to working and living on our feet! From airline workers to healthcare, education, manufacturing, and agricultural professionals, hard-working and active industries make up a huge portion of the local economy. Unfortunately, all...

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