Foot Pain? Orthotics Can Help—As Long As You Find the Right Pair

There’s never a good time to have foot pain. It doesn’t matter whether you’re training for a marathon or spending most of your time at home due to a global pandemic. Pain is still going to slow you down and make it difficult to get through your day.

One of the best ways to address persistent foot and ankle pain—and frequently other problems including back pain, poor balance, or chronic ulcers—is by wearing orthotics (custom inserts).

The truth is that shoe inserts are great for almost everyone! They offer support that most shoes just don’t come with built-in anymore, and the right pair can lead to a huge improvement in your daily comfort levels—especially if you already have pain.

The trick is finding the right pair.

Orthotics Come in Many Shapes and Sizes to Suit Your Specific Needs

One of the best things about orthotics is how versatile and adaptable they are. Some are meant to support your arch and get rid of heel pain. Others are there to correct leg length discrepancies, offload pressure zones that are prone to ulceration, stabilize your balance, or even keep your feet from overpronating excessively.

However, this also means that finding orthotics that fit your feet correctly, and do exactly what you need them to do, isn’t quite as simple as going to the pharmacy and choosing whatever inserts match your shoe size.

A good way to think about orthotics is as the “foot and ankle version” of glasses or contacts. In order to help your feet, your orthotics need to be the right prescription, and you need to actually wear them!

What Kind of Orthotics Do I Need?

Most people with mild or moderate foot pain do well with orthotics that have been premade according to a generic foot shape. We carry several styles and brands of prefabricated orthotics and arch supports at Trinity Foot Center that we trust, and distribute pairs to our patients almost every day based on what they need.

However, more severe foot problems might require the use of custom-made orthotics. We’ll make a mold of your feet and send that, with our notes, to a lab that will make your orthotics specially for you.

If you’re suffering from chronic foot or ankle pain—whether it’s a recent development or has been with you a while—orthotics could be a major part of the solution. And by far the best way to figure out what type would be best is to have us take a look at your feet.

Is Now Really the Right Time?

Of course, we understand that you may be concerned about making an appointment with us due to the coronavirus pandemic. That is very understandable!

At this time, Trinity Foot Center is open to urgent and emergency visits due to COVID-19. But it’s important to understand that pain is an emergency, especially if it’s keeping you from living a comfortable lifestyle. We are still seeing patients in our office with heel pain and other uncomfortable injuries.

If you aren’t sure whether your need is urgent, or if you should come in to the office, we can also schedule a telemedicine appointment. Dr. Brandy will meet with you over video conference and talk with you about your symptoms, your lifestyle, and other factors that might contribute to your pain. She can visually inspect your feet, your arches, and even your shoes during the conference.

If you do come in, be aware that we are taking all necessary precautions to keep our office safe and properly disinfected, maintaining social distancing procedures, wearing protective equipment, and following all other CDC guidelines.

Our office is open and here for you, despite these difficult times. And we want to make sure you get the care you need without exposing you to any unnecessary risk. If you’d like to make an appointment for telemedicine or an in-office visit, or just have some questions you’d like to ask, please call us at (972) 293-9650.

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